Nature Park Vransko Jezero in Croatia

P.P. Vransko Jezero National Nature Park (Park Prirode Vransko Jezero, Vransko Lake, Vrana Lake, Vranskog Jezera) is famous for its birds and great national heritage of Croatia’s nature. If you hire yacht from marina Biograd, before the cruise you can go to PP Vransko Jezero (more info or Vransko Lake is a Natural Park in Croatia with hundrets of birds and incredible fauna and flora. PP Vrana Lake (german Naturpark Vrana See) is a great attraction for all birdwatchers and can be a nice break in your sailing trip. Park borders are between Pirovac and Pakoštane. It is easy to find if you go between 2 cities: Zadar and Šibenik, then you will find a natural phenomenon – there are 2 beautiful lakes with its natural blue waters. Vransko Jezero has its natural special Ornithological reserve where bird lovers can find different species of birds and watch them in their natural habitance. Its value has been stamped by listing in on a UNESCO list in year 2013.