Prosika is one of the main entrances to the Park. There is an info-centre, small harbour, toilet and a small souvenir shop in a traditional fisherman’s hut. If you take a short walk towards Jugovir you can see restored Borelli’s fisherman’s hut. This small building is one of several similar objects that had a function of shelter for the guarding service. Its function was the control of eel catch, as it was built on the location of migration through the underground flows to the Adriatic and back to the Lake. The etymology of the Croatian term Jugovir is a vivid illustration of the hydrological phenomenon (jugo: the south wind; vir: eddy) – when the south wind blows the sea-water springs out from underground at this very spot and flows over into the lake. Eels take advantage of this and migrate to the sea through the underground passage. While here, think of renting a bike for a tour around the lake, or maybe renting a canoe and enjoying a silent ride on the water… take a peek inside the info-centre if you’d like to buy a souvenir or some refreshment.