While sailing through Croatian waters visit Največje Hrvaško Jezero Naravni Park Prirode Vransko Jezero (National Nature Vrana Lake). In P.P. Vranskog Jezera (Parco Naturale Lac Vransko, Naturpark – Nationalpark Vraner See, Lago di Vrana, Vrána-tavat, Vrána-tónál, zde, Lac de Vrana, Parka di Natura, Prírodný Park, Parco Nazionale, Parco Naturale Lago Vranjsko, Vranskoi tó – Természetpark, Vranai) you cannot sail, but when you stop nearby you can go there 10 minutes ride by the car (10 min mit dem auto, vo?nje automobilom/vožnje automobilom, 10 min. con la macchina) and see those 2 wonders of nature – 2 natural seas connecting each other. Some call them also : Plitvice (Plitvická Jezera, Plitvicer Seen, Les Lacs de Plitvice, Plitvicei-tavak). Visiting this park is a great idea for a small park in your sailing cruise and yacht charter. You can just stop there for half a day, the best is to stay in Biograd. More info you can find here – visit website (visitare il sito web, website besuchen): http://www.vransko-jezero.hr/ (Offizielle webseite des naturparks: www.vransko-jezero.hr, vransko-jezero.hr)