In 2006 a series of informational panels were placed at Crkvine, Kamenjak and Prosika/Jugovir areas. They bring information about the Park, its natural and cultural heritage.

Two new educational trails were placed in 2009.

Fish educational trail was placed at Prosika, on the renovated drywall. Visitors can learn here about fish present in the Lake. One can find out what species of fish lived in the Lake before manmade canal was built, which species were introduced for the fishing purposes or unintentionally and wich are the most interesting ones. There is also a text about drywall history and people who used to come from a distant places to cultivate the land.

Educational botanical trail was placed at the Kamenjak wiewpoint. During the short walk from the Kamenjak plateau towards the telescope visitors can learn about some typical mediterranean plants, espcially the ones growing in hard conditions, with little water, strong wind and intense sunlight. Some of them are holm oak, sage, rosemary and many more.