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Educational trails

In 2006 a series of informational panels were placed at Crkvine, Kamenjak and Prosika/Jugovir areas. They bring information about the Park, its natural and cultural heritage. Two new educational trails were placed in 2009. Fish educational trail was placed at Prosika, on the renovated drywall. Visitors can learn here about fish present in the Lake. One can find out what species of fish lived in the Lake before manmade canal was built, which species were introduced for the fishing purposes or unintentionally and wich are the most interesting ones. There is also a text about drywall history and people...

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Lookout Kamenjak

If you go up to a small hill called Kamenjak, just above the lake, you will find a sightseeing point. In 2006, as a part of the CARDS 2002 Project two traditional buildings, information panels, benches, educational trail and a telescope were placed here. From here you can enjoy the most beautiful view … you can see the whole, Kornati archipelago, Murter, Pirovac, Drage, Pakoštane … Besides that, here you can find toilet, small souvenir shop, get some information or buy a bike map to help you get around the rest of the...

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Small marina Prosika

Prosika is one of the main entrances to the Park. There is an info-centre, small harbour, toilet and a small souvenir shop in a traditional fisherman’s hut. If you take a short walk towards Jugovir you can see restored Borelli’s fisherman’s hut. This small building is one of several similar objects that had a function of shelter for the guarding service. Its function was the control of eel catch, as it was built on the location of migration through the underground flows to the Adriatic and back to the Lake. The etymology of the Croatian term Jugovir is a...

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Code of conduct

Inside the boundaries of Nature Park following code of conduct applies: picking flowers, parts of trees, grass or any other plants or mushrooms is not allowed hunting or any other means of disturbing, hurting or endangering of wild, as well as domestic animals is not allowed carrying weapons is not allowed damaging animal hideouts is not allowed visits to the Ornithological Reserve is allowed only after giving notice to the Park Administration – simultaneous visits to this area is possible only for small groups, and then in the presence of a Park staff member camping is allowed only on...

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General info

While sailing through Croatian waters visit Največje Hrvaško Jezero Naravni Park Prirode Vransko Jezero (National Nature Vrana Lake). In P.P. Vranskog Jezera (Parco Naturale Lac Vransko, Naturpark – Nationalpark Vraner See, Lago di Vrana, Vrána-tavat, Vrána-tónál, zde, Lac de Vrana, Parka di Natura, Prírodný Park, Parco Nazionale, Parco Naturale Lago Vranjsko, Vranskoi tó – Természetpark, Vranai) you cannot sail, but when you stop nearby you can go there 10 minutes ride by the car (10 min mit dem auto, vo?nje automobilom/vožnje automobilom, 10 min. con la macchina) and see those 2 wonders of nature – 2 natural seas connecting...

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