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Climate of the Park Area

Climate in the area of is typically Mediterranean, with mild, considerably short and rainy winter periods, and dry, hot summers. By Köppen, this type of climate is called “Olive tree climate”, it’s vegetation is characterized by Holm oak forests, macchia and dry grasslands on carst terrain. Mean annual temperature is around 15,0 °C. Warmest months of the year are July and August, with January and February being the coldest. November and December have the highest precipitation, and June and July are the driest...

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Position on the Migratory Routes

It is the important migratory route for birds. More than 140 species use this corridor for migrations. Take a look at the picture and see: GREEN -; RED – places from wich the birds are migrating TO the it; BLUE – places where birds go to...

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Bird-ringing Camp

Since the very beginnings of the Nature Park, Croatian Ornithological Society is working closely with the Park management. Since 2001, each summer a regular Ornithological Bird-ringing Camp is taking place here at the Lake. Ornithologists come here to gather data about birds and their migratory routes and to put small aluminium rings on them. Each ring has a unique combination of letters and numbers. After the bird is caught in a fine net, it’s removed, ringed and released. In 2004 an Ornithological Station was built. Volunteers can stay here and take part in everyday activities with the ornithologists. Staying...

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Birdwatching … all you need to know If you do it right, birdwatching can be a real pleasure. Here, we are giving you some tricks and tips: Equipment: Bionoculars to enable you identification of bird species from a distance. If you are very patient, you can use telescope with a tripod. Birdwatching pocket guide. Small notebook and a pen. Repellent for insects. Clothes: Comfortable shoes or boots with rubber plating. Comfortable outdoor pants, a shirt with long sleeves, sweater and a raincoat, try not to use bright colours. Hat during the summer period. When and where? Any time is...

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There are over 50 kilometers of the bike routes going all around the Vransko Lake. Most of our visitors start their cycling tours in it, going over Majdan and following the trail all around the lake in SE direction. BE CAREFULL: this first part is the most beautifull but also the hardest part of the trail. Make sure you have enough water with you because the first place with the covenience store is Prosika some 20 kilometers away. The trail is wide enough for the cars to pass by, but other than the Rangers and some local people, nobody...

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